In Memoriam Mehmet Genç

International Symposium on Ottoman Economic History

17 - 18 - 19th December Güngören Municipality - Marmara University

About the Symposium

The International Symposium of Ottoman Economic History, organized by Güngören Municipality (Istanbul) and Marmara University, aims at providing a scholarly setting to discuss the significance of economic history and the current scholarly works in this field, as well as at increasing the general interest in economic history. This international symposium shall be the first scholarly event of this kind within our district and will be dedicated to the memory of our greatly esteemed teacher and colleague Mehmet Genç, whom we lost a short time ago. He was one of the pioneers of Ottoman economic history and much deservedly, had acquired international acclaim on the account of the originality of his scholarly work. We hope that our scholarly community shall express great interest in this international symposium dedicated to the memory of the late Mehmet Genç.

It is evident that our history and geography offer rich material to scholars who specialize in economic history, both in terms of theory and practice. Scholarly events of this kind thus possess immense importance in proliferating our existing knowledge in economic history and creating settings that shall inspire new scholarly work. As such, we believe that it is of uttermost significance for us all that such events should be continued, while also gaining in depth and becoming more diversified.

The proceedings of this symposium on Ottoman economic history, presented by expert scholars in their fields, shall be also published as a book.

Notice: Turkish and English papers will be accepted for the symposium. Those who wish to participate can apply by filling out the form that can be accessed on our website. The travel and accommodation expenses of scholars who will be traveling from abroad or from outside Istanbul, shall be covered by the organizing committee.

The symposium starts in:

Subject Headings

Economic Institutions


Artisans’ communities


Population and Migrations


Domestic and International Trade

Money and Prices

Labour and Wages

Urban Economy

Local Administrations and Municipalism

Land and Sea Routes

Transportation and Communication

Famine and Natural Disasters

Credit and Finance

Islamic Economy

Economic Geography

Economic Thought


Culture and Arts


Opening Program


Important Dates

Symposium Announcement

15 August 2021

Abstract Submission Date

30 September 2021

Deadline for submitting an extended abstract of at least 500 words.

Evaluation of Abstracts

1 - 10 October 2021

Announcement of Accepted Abstracts

15 October 2021

17 - 18 - 19 December 2021

Symposium Date

Gençosman Culture Center / Güngören Municipality


You may view the contact information and the location of the symposium building on the map.
Gençosman Culture Center / Güngören Municipality

Gençosman, Doğanay Sk. No:1, 34165 Güngören/İstanbul

0 (212) 449 57 44

Oğuz Satır

Marmara University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Göztepe Campus. Kadıkoy/Istanbul


We extend our sincere gratitude to the institutions supporting the symposium.